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Q-1 Tocopherol in also known as -----
(a) Vitamin B (b) Vitamin E
(c) Vitamin D (d) None

Q-2 Which of the following is a natural polymer?
(a) Cellulose (b) PVC
(c) Bakelite (d) None

Q-3 Which is a detergent?
(a) Soap (b) Cleansing agent
(c) a and b (d) None

Q-4 In Teflon which element is present?
(a) C (b) Cl
(c) F (d) None

Q-5 Which is a repeating unit of synthetic rubber?
(a) PVC (b) Chloroprene
(c) a & b (d) None

Q-6 Which is polymer of tetorafloroethane?
(a) Teflon (b) Tefta
(c) a & b (d) None

Q-7 Which of the following is antimalarial?
(a) Chloroquine (b) Analgin
(c) Anacin (d) None

Q-8 Which in analgesic?
(a) Butayolidine (b) Butane
(c) a and  b (d) None

Q-9 Neoprene is…….polymer?
(a) Natural (b) Synthetic
(c) a and b (d) None

Q-10 When salicylic acid & acetic anhydride treated in the presence of
Acetic acid then which thing is formed?
(a) Aspirin (b) Acetyl chloride
(c) a and b (d) None

Q-11 Which is an antibiotic?
(a) Ampicillin (b) Terylene
(c) a and b (d) None

Q-12 Which is an addition polymer?
(a) PVC    (b) Nylon
(c)  a and b  (d) None

Q-13 When a solid directly change to vapous form then it is a --------- process?
(a) Sublimation (b) Boiling
(c) Melting (d) None

Q-14 If we increase the pressure of liquid then B.P of liquid will ---------
(a) Decrease (b) Increase
(c) a and b (d) None

Q-15 In acetic acid the presence of carbon is -----------
(a) 40 (b) 50
(c) 60 (d) 80

Q-16 At what time phosgene gas prepared ----------
(a) When chloroform is kept in white glass bottle
(b) When chloroform in kept in dark bottle
(c)   a and b  (d) None

Q-17 Which of the following is a poisonous gas?
(a) Phosgene (b) Oxygen
(c) N (d) None

Q-18 When chloroform react with acetone them it gives ------
(a) Hypnotic (b) Hypo
(c) H2 So4 (d) None

Q-19 CCL3 No2 is ---------
(a) Tear gas (b) Laughing gas
(c) a & b (d) None

Q-20 C-Cl bond in chlorobenzene is --------------
(a) Sp2 hybridised
(b) Sp-hybridised
(c) Sp3-hybridised (d) None

Q-21 Phosgene gas is…….in nature?
(a) Poisonous (b) Helpful
(c) a and b  (d) None

Q-22 In medicine iodoform is used as?
(a) Analgesic (b) Antiseptic
(c)  a and b   (d) None

Q-23 Water is…..acid than alcohol
(a) Weaker (b) Stronger
(c) a and b  (d) None

Q-24 Ethyl alcohol is also known---------
(a) Grain alcohol
(b) Wood alcohol
(c) a and b (d) None

Q-25 Acetaldehyde shows……….
(a) Want hoff reaction
(b) Kolbe process
(c) Aldol condensation reaction
(d) None


1(b) Vitamin E
2(a) Cellulose
3(b) Cleansing agent
4(c) F
5(b) Chloroprene
6(a) Teflon
7(a) Chloroquine
8(a) Butayolidine
9(b) Synthetic
10(a) Aspirin
11(a) Ampicillin
12(a) PVC
13(a) Sublimation
14(b) Increase
15(a) 40
16(a) When chloroform is kept in white glass bottle
17(a) phosgene
18(a) Hypnotic
19(a) Tear gas
20(a) Sp2 –hybridised
21(a) Poisonous
22(b) Antiseptic
23(b) Strong
24(a) Grain alcohol
25(b) Kolbe process

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