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Chemistry 2

Chemistry 2

Q-1 Molecular wt. of N2 is ------------
(a) 30 (b) 28 (c) 40 (d) None

Q-2 H= E + P………..
(a) H (b) V (c) D (d) None

Q-3 Calorimeter is used for measuring?
(a) Heat Changes (b) Water Flow
(c) A andB (d) None

Q-4 Electric & magnetic field are always associated with ----
(a) EM wave (b) Mates wave
(c) A and B (d) None

Q-5 Which waves cannot bass through vaccum ?
(a) Matter wave (b) EM wave
(c) Aand B (d) None

Q-6 In an orbital, how many electrons can accommodate?
(a) 3 (b) 2 (b) 13 (d) 6

Q-7 If l = 400nm them, which is correct.
(a) 4000A0 (b) 15000A0
(c) 2000 A0 (d) None

Q-8 Far l = 400nm, then the colour will be?
(a) Red (b) Violet
(c) Yellow (d) None

Q-9 Wavelength l = 750nm corresponds to?
(a) Red colour (b) Violet
(c) Blue (d) None

Q-10 Which country celebrates its 60th republic day?
(a) Pakistan (b) India
(c) China (d) None

Q-11 Structure of PCl5 is ---------
(a) Bipyramidal (b) Trigonal Bipyramidal
(c) Tetragonal (d) None

Q-12 Oxide of heavy hydrogen is -------
(a) D2O (b) H2 O (c) D3 O (d) None

Q-13 Which is heavy hydrogen?
(a) Deuterium (b) Hydrogen
(c) A and B (d) None
Q-14 O3 is……… reactive then oxygen?
(a) More (b) Less
(c) A and B (d) None

Q-15 When ozone react with Hg then …….. is formed?
(a) Mercury (b) Mercurous Oxide
(c) H2SO4 (d) None

Q-16 From the following which is weakest halogen acid ?
(a) H I (b) HCL
(c) HBR (d) None

Q-17 From the following which is strong halogen acid ?
(a) HCl (b) HF
(c) HBR (d) None

Q-18 Which is used as refrigerant?
(a) CF2CL2 (b) CL2
(c) CF2 (d) None

Q-19 Which is lime stone?
(a) CaCO2 (b) CaCO3
(c) CaCO4 (d) None

Q-20 Which is preservative for milk?
(a) Basic acid (b) Nitric acid
(c) Sulphuric acid (d) None

Q-21 CaCO3 is ore of
(a) C (b) Ca (c) N (d) None

Q-22 CaSO4 2H2 O is ore of -----------
(a) Ca (b) N (c) O (d) None

Q-23 In order to set fractured bone we use --------
(a) POP (b) POC (c) POR (d) None

Q-24 Which is quick lime?
(a) CaO2 (b) CaO (c) Ca (d) Na

Q-25 Na3 ALF6 is formula of
(a) Cryolite (b) Bauxite
(c) Diaspore (d) None


1 (b) 28
2 (b) V
3 (a) Heat Changes
4 (a) EM wave
5 (a) Matter wave
6 (b) 2
7 (a) 4000A0
8 (b) Violet
9 (a) Red colour
10 (b) India
11 (b) Trigonal Bipyramidal
12 (a) D2O
13 (a) Deuterium
14 (a) More
15 (b) Mercurous Oxide
16 (a) H I
17 (b) HF
18 (a) CF2CL2
19 (b) CaCO3
20 (a) Basic acid
21 (b) Ca
22 (a) Ca
23 (a) POP
24 (b) CaO
25 (a) Cryolite

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